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Data Cabling Glossary

Data Cabling Glossary

STP: Shielded twisted pair

UTP: Unshielded twisted pair cable

Patchcord or Patch cable: A short length of stranded cable with a RJ-45 plug on either end, used to connect hardware to the Internet. Patchcords are also used to connect the Patch Panel to the Switch on the IT Closet end.

RJ-45: The popular name of the modular 8 pin connector used with UTP cable in structured cabling systems.
Jack: The receptacle for a RJ-45 Plug.

Multimode fiber: Multimode fiber cables have 2 different large diameter core sizes, 50 and 62.5 microns, allowing multiple pathways of light to pass through. 

Singlemode Fiber: Single-mode cables have a small diameter 9-micron core allowing one pathway of light

LC Fiber Connector: LC stands for Lucent Connector or Little Connector and is a small form-factor Fiber optic connector that uses a 1.25 mm Zirconia ferrule

SC Fiber Connector: SC stands for Subscriber Connector and this is Square Connector that was developed by NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Japan).

MU Connector: MU is a small form factor SC.

ST Fiber Connector: ST stands for Straight Tip, a quick-release Bayonet style connector

Attenuation: The Data loss or the reduction in signal strength due to loss in the cable.

NEXT: Near End Cross Talk, or the signal coupled from one pair to another in UTP

Return Loss: Reflection from an impedance mismatch in a copper cable

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